New Programs Coming This Fall More opportunities to transform yourself with a new credential valued by employers in our community. Classes start September 2017. W W W . E X T E N S I O N . U C R . E D U Summer 2017 UCR Extension (USPS 312-760) Riverside, CA 92521-0112 SAVE THE DATE Saturday September 16, 2017 UCR Extension Center Join us for an enlightening discussion Take Charge of Your Career: Creating Opportunities in the New World of Work Get inspired with real-world advice and practical tips for reinventing yourself and your career. SAVE THE DATE Summer 2017 Ten years ago, I left my academic home in the UCR Graduate School of Education for a two- year appointment as Dean of University Extension. I intended to return to my research and teaching position after a new dean was hired, but I quickly caught the continuing education bug, found a passion for students who are motivated to excel, and realized that I had much to learn about UCR Extension. I learned that most UCR Extension students are juggling a variety of professional and personal responsibilities, in addition to taking our courses to earn certificates and credentials. I realized that we needed to continue to develop new and innovative programs in response to employer and student demands. Most importantly, I became committed to the UCR Extension mission to deliver academic programming that meets the highest standards of the University of California. I came to understand that UCR Extension is a major interface between UCR and community members in the region, state, and even the world. Last year, we added “Professional Studies” to our name to emphasize this critical part of our mission. At the same time, we expanded our programs for both motivated youth and intellectually curious mature learners. Serving these diverse categories of lifelong learners creates even more opportunities to connect UCR with our community. It has been a pleasure to watch these relationships grow and change over time. Did I mention that I came to UCR Extension “temporarily” ten years ago? As you can see, I unexpectedly found many reasons to seek a permanent position, and I found a home. The world is rapidly changing with new technologies, scientific discoveries, and social and economic shifts that have exacerbated the need for continuing education. It is an honor and privilege to help address this need through program development, supporting students’ goals, and building strong relationships with our campus, our community partners, and our associates around the world. Sharon Duffy, Ph.D. Dean UCR Extension MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN DIGITAL ARTS & DESIGN WORKSHOP: FROM CONCEPT TO OUTPUT Learn to create visual and innovative communication solutions during this 5-week workshop. Prepares you for entry into 13-week Digital Arts Academy. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN MEDICAL SCRIBING A comprehensive program that will prepare you for entry-level Medical Scribe positions in various medical settings. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN SALES MANAGEMENT Get ahead in this competitive field by enhancing your sales and negotiation skills. Learn to develop a strategic approach to sales management. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT The only thing we know for sure is that nothing is for sure. Understand how to lead your organization through the challenges of a constantly changing environment. Summer Program Guide p. 1 Cultivating a Growth Mindset p. 48 New Program for English Learners p. 78